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Amateur Radio, To me a great stress reliever to others even more.  I have worked 35+ years in electronics but only became involved in amateur radio in 1970.  Then it was Morse Code as a novice, even more Morse to become General, Advanced and Extra.  With all of that and my experience in electronics it still awes me to key a mike and talk around the world especially to people around the world with one common interest AMATEUR RADIO.

For those times when communications are needed in times of emergency such as Katrina and other disasters Thank goodnes for ARES.   As "HAMS" Get the word out to other family members or friends about the condition of loved ones in a disaster area, or a call for medical aid or food supplies This list could go on and on.  Amateur radio a life line that will never go away.

One more entity to mention is MARS a help to our military personnel maybe not so much in todays world with computers and cell phones but during Vietnam a very much appreciated communitions between our forces in harms way and loved ones back home.


Trying to Reach

Former members of:  4th Missile Battalion,  61st Artillery,  (Robins Air Force Base) from 1959 until 1966.  Please contact me at: ganike@carolina.rr.com

If you are a former member or the family or a friend of a former member please contact us and let us know the status of that person.   Thanks

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"Lord, deliver me from the man who never makes a mistake, and also from the man who makes the same mistake twice." William Mayo

"We have met the enemy. And, He is us." Pogo 1970 Earth Day

"I never wished a man dead, but there are some whose obituaries I read with pleasure." Clarence Darrow


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